Woohoo! Hard to believe that I’m halfway there…

Hi everyone,

Hope all you northern-hemisphere dwellers are enjoying a nice, hot summer, while we south of the Equator are rugged up and lavishing ourselves with hot chocolate!

“A Life Singular – Part Three” is finally out in the wild, a week late but in good shape. For anyone who’d like to take a look, it is available on my website ( where my two supported charities will receive the proceeds. Alternatively, its Amazon ASIN is B00LLB9LIO.

When I started out on my journey to publish a six-part serial, three years of solid writing on top of a full-time job and several pro-bono commitments seemed achievable, but throw in a 4,000km interstate migration, a stressful period of unemployment and more recently a house move, and fitting everything in has been quite a struggle.

Therefore I’m celebrating today! I am now officially halfway towards my goal, which is a very satisfying feeling. Now comes the need to maintain momentum for the other half 🙂 Will it be chocolate, coffee, a delicious Indian curry or a glass or two of mellow Tempranillo? Or all of the above? Hey, why not!

I hope we all have a chance to celebrate something today.

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