Lack of awareness for depression in mainstream media

Hi everyone,

I am driven to post today after reading an article in the New York Observer on the apparent suicide of a plastic surgeon who was parodied in a popular movies.  The article is here at Observer.

Living in Australia, I’m not familiar with Dr Brandt or even the lucrative cosmetic surgery industry in the US, but as someone who has been battling depression, PTSD and suicidal obsession for nearly 40 years, I am extremely disappointed with the lack of awareness this article shows about these conditions.

The paragraph “Of course, if the show’s nasty characterization of him did contribute in any way to Dr. Brandt’s depression, Tina Fey and the writers of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are not to blame. Depression causes suicide—outside forces and the actions of others do not.” is an absolute outrage.

An underlying propensity for depression is ALWAYS exacerbated by outside forces and the actions of others. ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS. The genetic predisposition towards depression is highly manageable in the status quo. It’s only when our lives are challenged by such negative influences that the illness flares up and causes us to take drastic and potentially fatal action.

It’s about time people took responsibility for the hurt they cause their fellow human beings, please.

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